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Environmental Products

The Environmental pressure on organisations range from recycling packaging to effluent treatment and energy efficiency. These are challenges and opportunities for businesses. Craigs has worked with many of our suppliers to optimise the Environmental benefits for our customers.

The inspection of drains and sewers is now carried out by robotic crawlers to reduce the dangers of man entry into drains and sewers. Images can be sent using WiFi to both domestic and utility clients together with full report recommendations generated by specialist software.

The cost

Who would have known that 85% of the cost of running electrical pumps is not the purchase price but the electrical running cost?

The new method

Cleaning Graffiti off walls by sandblasting or painting on aggressive chemicals has now been superseded by High pressure boiling Hot Water.

Removing weeds by spraying nasty chemical can now be done with very hot water in a much safer method than before. In some European countries it is illegal to use weed killer.

Removing Graffiti with Hot Water

Weeds before Hot Water

Weeds after Hot Water