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About Us

Craigs is now a fifth generation family business. The people in our business tend to stay with us over many years, and staff retention has never been an issue. Our team welcome the changes in business and the opportunities these bring. The Environmental drivers have enabled the company to develop into new export markets, and the support of our partner companies has ensured that difficult periods ensure we are prepared for new and exciting times. Change is the only Constant in business.

An example of this is the Fuel Polishing sector, this has grown from the supply of high quality Separ Filter elements, to the development of a product range with our partners WASP, which we now export to more than 10 countries in Europe and further afield. It has become an Industry standard product in the standby power sector of the Data centre industry. 

Further environmental developments in the industrial pump sector have enabled us to carry out Environmental energy audits on customers sites, saving significant amounts of money on electricity costs as well as carbon footprint reduction. ( see case study )

The distribution of specialist construction products has seen a significant revival in the last 12 months.  Our partners Bosch and Husqvarna have continued the innovation in product development and are now enabling us to meet the demanding requirements of the growing construction sector.

Our Team

The team at Craigs are all very active in customer care. Customer support, Sales, and finance are all interlinked processes, and the customer and supplier relationships are built up over many years. Our senior team of David Craig, Jenny Henry and Jess Loat, have worked together for more than 30 years. Information is shared throughout the company in order to ensure each person has a full understanding of customer requirements.

Because we have always been a family business, the values learned from the previous generation have permeated all of the staff. However in common with most surviving businesses, we have had more active changes over the last 5 years than decades before.  Change can be seen as difficult or it can be seen as an opportunity.

Our team has embraced the new emphasis on exporting to mainland Europe, and the integration of a new IT system that provides much more accurate and timely management information, to allow us to make better decisions.

International Business

Craigs’ core business has always been Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, however in 2008 the decision was made to begin a program of exporting key products to mainland Europe.  Many of our products had already been used by OEM customers to enhance their own export offering, so it was a natural if challenging progression, to be exporting more directly. Many of the key engineering exporters in Northern Ireland use Craigs as a key pump supplier.

The Fuel Polishing product was developed after a long relationship with Separ UK , and the WASP Fuel polishing business was introduced to key dealers in Holland, Finland, Poland, Belgium and the Czech Republic. Our distributors operate in the expanding Data Centre markets in Europe and they install our WASP Polishing equipment on many key sites in European data centres. We have also developed into specialist suppliers of Fuel Transfer Pump systems for the International markets.